Anonymous said:
I have some 32 likes/favourites and tumblr only will show me around 25, how can I change this?

I don’t know. I have more messages than it actually shows too. It happens.

Anonymous said:
Hi, do you know how I can make my banner bigger? cuz nothing seems to work!! xx

try adjusting the width and height.

Anonymous said:
How did you get so good at html?!

By practicing. I wasn’t good -anywhere near that- when I first started. I was pathetic, actually lol. But after, I started to get better and better, because I was trying and practicing.

That’s all you gotta do.

Practice leads to perfect.

Anonymous said:
I edited something on my blog and its freezing my blog up and now i can't fix it because it freezes up.

uh, so ? i don’t know with what you need help with to be exact

Anonymous said:
I feel like I'm going madd. I have been researching for a number of days on how to add a border around EACH post. I thought I had it sorted but once i put in the code it only put a border around the page.. PLEASE HELP ME! :(

find #posts and put border: 1px dashed #000;

zaeki said:
hey, i was wondering how you make a redirecting page with my old url to a new one im getting?xx

I don’t know how to redirect by itself, I only know how to create a secondary blog with your old url and make a link to your new one

Anonymous said:
My blog seems to not allow me to see any posts that have more then one photo HELP

it doesn’t allow you to see photo sets ?

Anonymous said:
Hi, I need help on redirecting tags because everytime I do it... it keeps saying "The URL you requested could not be found." why does this keep happening?

are you putting this in your url: /tagged/TAG ?

Anonymous said:
uhm.. hi! I wanted to ask something about.. how do you make the side bar and your posts on your blog further to the left? since i have a background image on the right and it can't be seen...

find the sidebar and posts code and change the margin-left

Anonymous said:
where's #entry? sorry im new to this. And how much do i change margin

press CTRL+F and search for #entry{ then changin the margin to a lower number than it already is.

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